Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Happy Holidays from the CelebLite headquarters. May you and yours be merry and get all the damn presents you hoped for and then some. In other words, get blasted on NOG and hopefully the Mrs (or MR) gives you a nice juicy one Christmas night!

The site will be going through some tweaks in the very near future and changes will be made but trust me, it's for the better good and you'll like it. I know you will.

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Be Happy, get Trashed Day!

Author: christin Posted: 12/25/2008
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Santa and Bleebo will Jump You and Take your Money

Can't wait to buy your kids awesome toys for Christmas? Well hide your stash because 'Santa and Bleebo' will kick your ass and leave you lying on the street in a pool of your own blood, robbed and in pain for Christmas.

More like Satan and Bleebo...

Author: christin Posted: 12/22/2008
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It's Thursday Upskirt Day!

Yea, it's Celine Dion panty upskirt but it is an upskirt moment. It probably would of been better if a hotter, younger celebrity suffered an upskirt but we'll take what he can get. Ok? ok.

I promise next Thursday for a better hotter, younger and tastier upskirt. Maybe. If you are good.

At least she thin... not exactly cougar territory though.

Author: christin Posted: 12/18/2008
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I Think he May be Right

Tetris is in fact like crack and for chicks who can't play RPG games. I'm a chick and I love Tetris. So ya, I hate to say it but he's right.

Tetris with Lyrics

Author: christin Posted: 12/18/2008
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What a Way to Ruin a Luxury Car

Paris Hilton always wanted Barbie's Corvette so she decided to custom paint her Bentley pink. A Bentley. pink. I've never been so disappointed in my entire life. What a douche Paris is. Might as well kick the elderly in the face and flaunt wads of loot to the starving children in Ethiopia. What a waste of cash.... and human organs that Paris Hilton is.

A Bentley. Pink.

Author: christin Posted: 12/18/2008
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Side Boob Anyone?

It's Rumer Willis side boob, but it is a side boob. I'm not saying she's ugly, she's just misshapen with the Leno chin and the mutant nose and her beady eyes. So, enjoy the side boob action!

Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin

Author: christin Posted: 12/17/2008
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Not so Shocking, Shocking News: Miley's Being Used!

Take a deep breath for this one, rumor has it Miley Cyrus's underwear model/country singer pedophile boyfriend is only using her for fame and fortune. GASP! He's trying to get a career out of sleeping with a 16 year old girl. Remember kids, he's 20 going on 21.

A source close to Justin revealed:

“He’s got more modeling jobs since he’s been with Miley and is telling people they’re writing songs together so her fans will get interested in his music. You start to think he’s in this for fame.”

But apparently, says the source, it’s not a one way thing: “After her photo leaks, she needed someone discreet and Billy Ray thought this was perfect for her image. They talk up how he is a good Christian like her and he won’t overshadow her like someone like Nick Jonas might.”

OH NOES! I can't stand Miley and her giant loud mouth, maybe she'll learn from this and wise up. She's such a tool. Billy Ray is whoring out his little girl and that's the beginning of the next crotch flashing, nipple slipping, 'Aw fuck it I'll just do porn' young Hollywood party girl.

Author: christin Posted: 12/17/2008
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Ellen Degeneres and Britney Spears go Caroling

The ever-so-funny Ellen Degeneres hooked up Britney Spears, not in a fantasy way, on her show to go Christmas caroling door to door around town. At first I was thinking 'this is gonna blow' but it's pretty amusing. Britney kept to herself most of the time just listening to Ellen's requests but I'd have to admit Ellen was pretty funny.


Author: christin Posted: 12/17/2008
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Case Closed for John Walsh's sons Murder After 27 years

America's Most Wanted host Jon Walsh can finally rest easier in his son murder after 27 years, Ottis Toole abducted and killed Adam Walsh in 1981. Ottis died in prison in 1996. Ottis confessed to the crime but later retracted his confession then died before justice prevailed.

Police simply took another look at 27 years of tips, psychic revelations, often-botched police work and a serial killer's chilling admissions and decided it was time. Time to ease the suffering of the Walsh family and time to point the finger at the man Hollywood Police Chief Chad Wagner said had been the prime suspect all along: Ottis Toole.

"This is a process that is long overdue," Wagner told an audience that included Adam's parents, John and Reve Walsh.

Wagner acknowledged that not much had changed since 1996, when Toole died in prison while serving a sentence for an unrelated murder.

He had twice confessed to killing Adam and twice recanted.

"We could have charged him back then," Wagner said. "I've taken cases much weaker than this to the state attorney's office."

Wagner acknowledged that evidence was destroyed or overlooked and apologized to the Walshes for investigative mistakes.

Among the problems: Police lost a bloody carpet from Toole's 1971 Cadillac, then lost the car. They also missed leads, took poor investigative notes and didn't properly document evidence.The Walshes also lobbied for stronger laws before Congress and at the White House. John Walsh's television show, "America's Most Wanted," is credited with helping to solve hundreds of crimes.

"We can now move forward knowing positively who killed our little boy," John Walsh said. "I believe wherever Toole is, he's paying and being held accountable for his actions."

The lack of new evidence and the inability of Toole to defend himself won't quiet critics who said police got it wrong, Wagner said.

"If you're looking for that magic wand, that one piece of evidence, it's not there," Wagner said.

Although it will never bring their little boy back, they can finally find closer in knowing who did this horrific tragedy and move on. 

But I couldn't help but become enraged with the shotty Police work in this investigation, perhaps if everyone did their job correctly, the Walsh family wouldn't have had to wait 27 years for closer in this case.

Author: christin Posted: 12/17/2008
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