adriana lima is engaged to basket ball player marko jaric

I'm starting to think Victoria Secret models are selling out

First Tyra Banks gets fat and annoying, Alessandra Ambrosio is knocked up and now Adriana Lima is engaged to some douche bag basketball player named Marko Jaric. Whose name totally sounds like supreme doucheness. The Victoria Secret headquarters needs to lock up all these hot bitches in an underground layer away from all man kind. They can't seem to keep their mouths or legs closed.

Lima received an engagement ring on Thursday night — her 27th birthday — from Jaric, his rep told the magazine.

"He asked and she said yes. They are both incredibly happy and couldn't be more in love," publicist James Weir told People.

"I was not the person to fall in love easily. I am a difficult person from that standpoint," Jaric told People in March. "Now, it's a little different situation."

You are probably thinking why would I care, I'm not gay, but these chicks are supposed to be fantasy babes. Not real life crazy chicks with issues, like me.

Adriana and Marko have only been dating for 9 months. Marko is truly f*cking wish us. When a woman gets married, especially a smoking hot model, a little something dies inside them and they start to change. Wrinkles start forming, pregnancy soon follows marriage, sagging boobs... just look at Britney Spears. She was once a hottie, look what happened to her. She's a freakin' mutant.

Let's remember her how she was... and will no longer be.

Author: christin Posted: 6/16/2008
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