amy winehouse and husband blake fielder civil had sex in the hospital

Amy and Blake had Sexy Time in the Hospital,That's just Gross

Now, after seeing the header image above, think about what Amy Winehouse looks like laying in a hospital bed with all sorts of IV's in her, assuming she hasn't left the bed in days not showering or even washing the crusty golden nuggets from her eye lids. Then to actually insert your penis in her? Just think of the mess of a vagina this woman has. No!

The Sun revealed yesterday that Fielder-Civil, 26, dashed to the ailing star’s bedside on Tuesday night after failing a drug test in rehab.

And last night a source said he persuaded her reluctant inner-circle to give him one hour alone with her on his final night of freedom.

He told Amy, 25, how sexy she looked — and unlike the line from her hit Rehab, she could not say No, no, no.

The source added: It was obvious what went on.

Fielder-Civil then left the London Clinic and handed himself in to cops in Shoreditch, East London.

He is likely to continue his 27-month sentence for assault and trial-fixing after breaking the terms of his early release.

Amy has been in hospital for ten days after collapsing.

Blake is headed back to jail for the remainder of his sentence for failing a drug test and leaving rehab early to visit his gnarly ass infected wife.

Ah love, it truly is a mystery.

Author: christin Posted: 12/4/2008
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