amy winehouse caught snorting cocaine at london pub

Amy Winehouse druggie check

Yup, Amy Winehouse is still a drug addict and new footage of her snorting coke at a London pub has been leaked. By leaked, I mean video taped and on every tabloid gossip rag on the internet.

Amy has booked into the clinic just a short drive from the jail where hubby Blake Fielder Civil is being held.

Now Blake’s mother Georgette Civil wants Amy locked up like her recovering drug addict son son.

And last night Georgette told the News of the World: “Prison will do Amy far more good than Rehab.”

Amy was filmed at The Monarch pub in Camden last month while standing in front of a Union Jack flag.

Desperate for a fix, the singer is seen snorting the cocaine off a CD case in full view of partygoers.

No surprise here folks....but if you're interested, watch the video here.

Author: christin Posted: 8/26/2008
Tags: Amy Winehouse