amy winehouse is back in rehab again

Club Rehab - UPDATE (no rehab for Amy (shocked?))

Amy Winehouse has checked into club rehab for the kabillionth time until she gets tired of showing the public she's doing the right thing.

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is planning to undergo a course of treatment at a drug rehabilitation centre in Suffolk, so she can be close to her husband Blake Fielder-Civil who is in prison nearby.

It is only 15 miles from Category C Highpoint Prison, near Newmarket, where Fielder-Civil was sent after being moved from Pentonville Prison in London earlier this month.

The rehab plan follows Winehouse's shambolic performances at the weekend's V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex, which prompted loud boos from the crowd.

Her father Mitch Winehouse said: "This is a very good idea. If she can get clean and still see Blake it can only be good."

In a BBC interview Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher compared her to a "destitute horse" due to her crabby performance at the V festival last Saturday were she got booed for showing up 20 minutes late as her bandmembers stood there, sliring, forgetting her own song lyrics and dedicating yet another song to her Blakey Poo. Man, you'd think these british bone heads would stop wasting there precious ear drums to this crackhead. People in Europe are awfully forgiving... or forgetful.

Here's some not so shocking shocking news, Amy Crackhouse is NOT going to a severely needed stay at rehab.

UPDATE - Vegas probably has 50-50 odds Amy Winehouse will check into rehab at any given moment -- but we're hearing you'd lose that bet today.

Winey's people have cracked down on reports that the undone Londoner is holed up in a rehab facility getting clean (and we mean more than a good wash).

Amy's rep told us: "The recent stories about Amy going into rehab near Blake's prison are not true."

Man, bitch needs to take a bath....

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Author: christin Posted: 8/21/2008
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