angelina jolie and brad pitt in london promoting changeling may be pregnant

Rumor has it Angelina is pregnant again, WTF?

While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in London for the screening of the Changeling, In Touch magazine published a story and spreading rumors that Angie is pregnant again. Even though the woman just gave birth to twins four months ago.

During an early November meeting in LA, Angelina confirmed her pregnancy to producers of her upcoming action movie Salt, says an insider. The $90 million spy flick was scheduled to being filming in March in NY, LA, Denver and Russia. Production of the film (for which Angelina could earn $20 million) will likely be pushed up to accommodate her.

Of course the rumors have evolve because they've seem to point out a 'baby bump' not taking into account she just gave birth to twins. So naturally her belly would appear to have a little excess belly bumpish. Actually she should have alot more but you know, she's not human.

Angelina's people have denied the pregnancy rumors. Personally she would be insane to get pregnant so quickly after baring twins but whatever, bitch is crazy anyway for having a dozen kids.

Angie talks about The Changeling on BBC radio.

Swarm of Paparazzi's for a glimpse of Brangelina

Author: christin Posted: 11/18/2008
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