angelina jolie breastfeeding baby on the cover of w magazine

Angelina breast-feeding photo

In the October issue of W magazine Angelina Jolie graces the cover breast-feeding one of her twin babies. Although you can't see her tittie, this photo is buzzing around hardcore on the internets so I just had to post it.

Quick tidbit: After giving birth to twins, Angelina Jolie had a difficult time putting the breaks on the high-calorie pizzas, Hot Pockets, french fries and ice cream she consumed during her pregnancy, Us Weekly reports in its latest issue, on newsstands now.

Her snacking got so bad that a source close to Jolie’s French Ob-Gyn, Michel Sussman, tells Us that he instructed her to eat more nutritiously. (She said junk food is “their family’s weakness” and even joked about Brad Pitt having a pregnant belly, says the source.)

Well I took dozens of photos of my newborn son sucking on my tittie, but the difference between me and Angelina Jolie is well, huge. Cyborgs are flawless. I'm human and that being said, I looked like absolute shit. That's one of the many many reasons I will never had another kid.

I love my 2 yr old better now than I did when he was a never ending poop blob who projected gollans of puke within a 5 foot radius. No thanks. Angie is a better person than me, I'll give her that. 

BTW hot pockets are gross.... besides they don't have vegetarian ones so I never even tried one. Now you know I'm usually full of shit.

Author: christin Posted: 10/9/2008
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