blake fielder civil released from jail and not splitting from amy winehouse

Who wouldn't love a face like this?

I mean just look at that beautiful swan above. Blake Feilder-Civil is free from prison life and entered rehab life to be good as sober. Well, until he's reunited with his cracked out wife Amy Winehouse.

"We are not breaking up. She hasn’t dumped me. We both love each other very much and will be together forever."

"We have spoken on the phone and I’m expecting a visit from her at any time now. We can’t wait to be back together again."

"I’m over the worst of it. I won’t be going back to that lifestyle. After being in prison the only drug I need is the smell of free air - that and my beautiful wife Amy."

Amy hasn't visited him yet but as soon as she does and he wraps his arms around the grimy skeletal frame of his intoxicated un bathed bride, reality will set in quick and I doubt the marriage will last. When one partner is sober and the other is high as a kite, he'll either leave her ass or jump into heroin needles quicker that Jenna Jameson birthing her twins. 


Author: christin Posted: 11/11/2008
Tags: Amy Winehouse  Blake Fielder-Civil