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An autopsy on actor Brad Renfro was performed last week but the official cause of death (drum roll) will not be released until toxicology tests come back in about six whole weeks. Ah ZING! However TMZ reports that two days before the actor died, he got a tattoo across his back that read “Fuck Y’all.” So perhaps he plotted his death to release this message to... the coroner? His girlfreind? The media? Who knows... but I thought that was brilliant.

An autopsy on the former child star was performed Thursday, the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner confirmed. The official cause of death will not be released until toxicology tests come back in about six weeks. Renfro’s body was found by his girlfriend in his Los Angeles home Tuesday morning. Paramedics pronounced him dead upon their arrival.

In addition to performing the autopsy, coroner’s officials have been conducting interviews with people who knew Renfro. Friends of the 25-year-old actor, whose struggles with drug addiction were well publicized, said he was drinking the night before his body was discovered, but it is not yet known whether that contributed to his death.

When I found out about the news of his death I phoned my husband to tell him the news. His first reaction was, "Who?" Then I told a couple more people, who have never heard of or watched his movies. Damn, sucks he never made it to Joaquin Pheonix or Will Smith standards in overcoming the child star title, he really had potential.

Author: christin Posted: 1/21/2008
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