britney spears circus album tops the billboard charts at number 1

Britney's Circus Tops the Billboard charts

Pop tart pop princess Britney Spears topped the Billboard 200 charts at number 1, first time since... I don't know, five years! Her new album Circus sold over half a million copies the week it was released. People ever heard of torrents? Jeez, I haven't bought a CD is years.

"Imagine a year ago, did anyone think that today she would be able to come out with an album that would, not only just debut at No. 1, but also do half a million copies in its first week?" asks Billboard Senior Chart Manager Keith Caulfield. "It's surprising, but at the same time it's got to be pretty satisfying for Britney and for her record label."

And it's not just album and song sales soaring, because according to her website, "This tour is selling out like hot cakes! In response to overwhelming ticket sales, we have several more dates in cities including Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Toronto and Newark!"

It's surprising to me how many dedicated Britney fans are out there in the world, I mean, Wow. It's still the same ol' pop music she's been releasing, right? I've heard it with my own ears, it's no new 'out of this world' sound. I don't know, but congrats to your success Brit, don't spend all your money on horse hair weave.

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Author: christin Posted: 12/10/2008
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