britney spears uncle speaks about tragic family history of crazy

Damn it Willie shut yo' pie hole!

... or put a taco in it! Britney Spears' Uncle, Willie Spears (queue the banjos) cashes in on selling out his neice. Apparently skankatron Brit Brit went from the set of the Mickey Mouse club to parties with booze a drugs at the ripe age of 14. He recalls a wrap party for the Mickey Mouse Club Show, which the Spears clan attended:

“The kids were definitely drinking that night. While the adults talked, they were somewhere else, up to no good. They had a bottle of gin and slipped away to the bathroom to drink it. I saw them going.”
But Willie is certain Britney was exposed to drink and drugs long before she hit the big time.

“Her brother Bryan was the star of the high school football team. They went to all the best parties where there were drugs and alcohol - a lot.”

He believes her drug-taking started at 14 with marijuana but adds: “It got worse when she got famous and she found out that people would do what she wanted them to. She wanted to drink, party and go where she wanted to go. She is a ruthless little thing, make no mistake. Nobody controls her. She bosses everyone around her.”

Perhaps bad parenting is a factor is Britney's downward spiral? Yup, you guessed right!

Her parents Jamie and Lynne divorced in 2002 but Brit was exposed to their hell-raising rows when she was growing up.

Willie breaks down in tears as he tells of one dramatic incident. “Jamie was drunk at a barbecue and he tried to drive off with Britney in the car. She was no more than five years old. I tried to stop him, so I reached in to grab the keys out of the ignition and he punched me. We got into it right there by the car, fighting in front of her. Britney was jumping up and down, crying. Lynne had to run out to get her inside.”

We all know Brit's nuts, we really don't need explanations on how she got on the crazy train.

After play time, Brit will have a snack then it's nap time.

Author: christin Posted: 1/28/2008
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