britney spears crazy weekend shopping and acting wierd

Speaking of crazy

Britney Britney Britney... a life so unamusing seems to be plastered on every gossip site in the Universe. Not only did she have an active weekend of crazy late night pit stops to Drug Stores but spoke in a terrible British accent, went crazy on a group of paparazzi’s in the middle of the street which resulted in smashing her own camera just to go back to look for her memory card,  invited a young photog to party with her uterus at a Hotel, The Peninsula, wearing that raggety pink wig and a hooker dress. Man, lock this bitch up! For reals! Oh and everything was caught on video.

To watch all the videos clickith here.

To view about a hundred pictures of Brit waddling around the streets of LA in diffrent outfits, clickith here. Thank's Popsugar for the template!

Going postal on photogs is so last week!

Author: christin Posted: 12/24/2007
Tags: Britney Spears