britney spears fought with sam lufti cried barefoot parents drama and phone calls to kids reinstated

Britney overload post

Kinda wish Britney Spears would choke on a taco already. I'm writing a major Britney post for a reason. I shalt not write about her till some legitimate news occurs. Seriously, we all know she never wears underwear, eats like a pig, dresses like a horse and smells like a rotting sack of cabbage. I don't think I need to keep you posted on her "current" Rite Aide purchase.

Blender magazine has a sense of humor. They actually used a body double, photoshopped Brit's face on it, a Mickey Mouse Club hat with cigarette butts and a crushed can of Redbull. Genius, but where's the crumbled bag of cheetos and empty cups of Starbucks Frapp's?

Danny Haines, one of the people who obtained a court order, told Blender magazine:

Lufti told [me I] should “just kill [my]self” when the friendship soured. Lufti was “more jealous than a lover [and would go to extremes, telling [me I] was a “worthless mother[fucker]” one minute and that he “loved” [me] the next. When Haines eventually cut him off, Lufti humiliated him, e-mailing naked photos of him to his family, friends and co-workers. He texted and called incessantly and, according to court documents, told Haines he hoped his sister would be “raped to death.” In one e-mail to him, Lufti wrote of Haines’ mother that he hoped “Satan devours her flesh and bones” and he looked forward to the day when he would [piss] on her burial.”

Britney can call her kids and ask them to run to the store, mommy needs cigarettes and condoms.

According to recently releashed court documents, "Spears is to have telephonic contact with the minor children. All prior orders remain in full force and effect."

This is the latest, most recent, exclusive drama brewing, news about Brit Brit.

Updates: Sam Lutfi, Britney’s manager, started an argument with her and the two ended up in a screaming fight. Sam continued to verbally abuse Britney as she sat barefoot on the curb at her Summit home crying holding her dog London.

Britney called Adnan for help and he heard the distress in her voice and drove to the Summit immediately. While outside the gates he was denied access as Sam Lutfi had informed the guards that he was not allowed entry. When Adnan then tried to call Britney it seems that Sam had turned all of her cell phones off...

 When Jamie Spears turned up, the guards would not let him in, as Sam Lutfi would not let anyone get near Britney’s house. It was only after photographers standing outside explained the situation and who he was that Jamie was allowed access to The Summit home. He looked extremely distressed.

 More details about what went down tonight: Sam screamed “Go fuck your Paparazzi boyfriend!” before speeding off. A teary eyed Spears sat on the curb holding her Yorkshire terrier ‘London’ and sporting what looked like a red mark on her face. Minutes after, Spears had driven down to her house, paparazzo boyfriend Adnan turned up at the gates of The Summit only to be denied access. The security at the Summit have been ordered by Sam not to let Ghalib in through the gates. Hoards of police arrived, and helicopters circled overhead...

 Finalpixx, Adnan’s photog company, just posted “Britney is spending her evening in the company of her parents and Adnan.”

If you just can't get yourself to read all that garbage, here's a quick break down: Brit and the douche Sam Lufti got into a fight, she cried, parents came to her need, she cried more, Adnan jeehaad came to her need, she's still crying... booo hoooo. This will be the last post about Britney until something worth spending my afternoon typing arouses my interest. I said Good Day SIR!

Curb stomp her face. Pretty please?!

Author: christin Posted: 1/29/2008
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