britney spears is dumb

Britney's dumber than you think

Britneys Spears is allowed to see her two kids only twice a week which are supervised by a court appointed monitor who is there to evaluate Britney's parenting. Translated for Britney's tiny mush-like pea brain, a free nanny.

How does Britney Spears spend her court-approved time with her kids? By chandelier shopping, y'all! TMZ caught the popwreck going to Crystal Palace in the Valley yesterday, leaving her two kids in her car with the court-required monitor while she shopped for lighting.

Wow, my retard-o-meter just broke. I wonder if her parents regret not pulling out that " I had one two many Cosmopolitans" at the Disco that night in the back of their wood panel station wagon.

If you've ever asked yourself, when you're in a pickle, What would Britney Do? shoot yourself in the face with a shotgun because you are better of D E D, dead...

Author: christin Posted: 11/6/2007
Tags: Britney Spears