britney spears may be planning another vegas wedding

Third time's a charm

Vegas needs to ban Britney Spears from entering any chapels quick because this swamp rat wants to get married again... so they say. I know you are asking yourself, who the hell in their right mind would want to marry that dirty skank? Even one eye Chuck, the toothless hobo behind Dairy Queen wouldn’t even touch that ass.

Get ready, Las Vegas! Britney Spears is planning an encore. The troubled pop star wed childhood pal Jason Alexander Sin City-style in 2004 — a union that lasted all of 55 hours. But according to Star Magazine, this time she wants to hitch her wagon to professional hanger-on Sam Lufti.

an insider told the publication Britney already announced her marital ambitions to her lawyers and ex-hubby, Kevin Federline. “[The lawyers] begged her to at least get a prenup, but she didn’t seem to be listening.”

“Kevin has seen Sam lose his temper,” said a family spy. “We hear he swears a lot and makes very derogatory statements when he’s alone with Brit. Kevin has forbidden Britney from having Sam around the boys. In fact, Kevin has threatened to get a restraining order. She’ll lose custody if she allows Sam around them, Kevin will make sure of it.”

Maybe that’s what she needs, an abusive husband with enormus balls to slap her around every now and then.

I hope this Sam guy doesn't knock her up, the world may implode.

Author: christin Posted: 12/19/2007
Tags: Britney Spears  Sam Lufti