britney spears may be pregnant or planning a pregnancy and engaged

Oh NOES! Stuff this psychotic womans reproductive organs!

Oh man, I’ve got some terrible news folks, Britney Spears may be either pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Oh man, this Britney saga is taking a turn for the worse! We'll try to keep it short...

It was a chaotic Monday for Britney Spears. She showed up late to her court custody hearing (hey, at least she showed!), saw the paparazzi crush and turned right back around, getting back into her car and driving off for a day of shopping, praying and, well, more driving.

Now the pop star has lost both custody and visitation rights with her precious sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James and, as an insider reveals only in the new issue of OK!, friends fear she may seek to heal her loneliness by having another child — this time with her married paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib!

“Britney hates when things are taken from her,” a family member of Kevin Federline tells OK!. “The court’s taken Preston and Jayden away, so she’ll just have another kid to take their place. That’s the way she thinks.”

Brit Brit was also spotted trotting around town with a diamond ring, possible an engagment ring. I doubt the already married photog she's been douching up her vag can even afford a bar of soap to lather his balls to get the Britney stink off him, let alone diamond jewlery.

Wanna see an exciting video OK! Mag obtained of Brit Brit shopping for preggo tests? When I say exciting, I mean freakin' boring. Click Here to watch.

I hate Britney. The End.

Author: christin Posted: 1/17/2008
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