britney spears performing womanizer live

Britney Spears has been busy

Britney Spears has been busy performing her new hit single Womanizer from her latest album Circus across the country and she's looking pretty good if I might say it myself. Even though she's not really singing when i say performing but dancing around in skimpy outfits with her expensive horse hair weave and about a pound of make-up, it looks as if she's doing pretty well for herself. Better than the last couple of years at least.

Brit performed her hit single on a French talent show called Star Academy last week and at the 2008 Bambi Awards in Germany in full lip syncing with the whole circus themed choreograph and the fetish style outfits. Although her body is in better shape, she still kinda looked lost at some points of her act. Perhaps nervous but not nearly as bad as the 2007 MTV VMA's performance that will be talked about for centuries. 

I dunno, I hate choreographed dance moves with the back up dancers and the catchy pop music... it's so New Kids on The Block. In other words, out dated and boring.

I'm getting pretty tired of this song.

Author: christin Posted: 12/1/2008
Tags: Britney Spears