britney spears restraining order and new cover of ok magazine

Britney Britney Britney Br- etc....

Ok... If I knew going into this profession I was going to write about ex-pop star Britney Spears almost everyday, I would of asked for a mandatory joint in the morning (can’t look at Brit pics everyday sober) and a case of New Castle Brown Ale delivered by a temple masseues. I don’t need my back rubbed but a temple masseues would help my face from deforming after all the Brit news I read... daily. I know way too much about this ho-bag. I’d probably win a pop-wreck pop quiz.

K-Fed issued a restraining order on Brit Brit:

“The person it’s placed upon would have to stay approximately 100 feet from the other person, or face arrest,” says LAPD spokesman Mike Lopez, who could not confirm the restraining order on Spears. “In most cases, it’s issued by officers when there’s the possibility of imminent and immediate danger to the victim.”

Brit and chitlin grace the cover of OK magazine titled "Last Day with Mommy" and yes, that sounds as homo as Freddy Mercury holding a bag of dicks.

When Brit saw the cover of the new OK Magazine photo of her and her sons, she weeped... boo hoo:

"I'm told that when she saw the photographs she literally cried over an hour and stared at them all night long," says Brubaker, who points out that Britney was "very attentive" to the needs of her children during the photo shoot. In fact, the magazine goes on to quote a friend of Britney's, who says "those boys are her everything, and she's said repeatedly that life isn't worth living if she can't have her babies with her."

Brit quoted saying “I would die for my boys”... Frequently asked question, Why is she still alive?:

What's more, the friend reveals that "Britney has always said, 'I would die for my boys if that's what it took to prove I loved them. I'd do anything for them.'"

It’s official, no one likes Dr. Phil... only rednecks.

Lou Taylor, the business manager for the Spears’ family, said on the Today show that Dr. Phil “betrayed the family’s trust” by talking to the media after visiting Britney at Cedars-Sinai. The Spears’ family wanted the TV doctor to help Spears, not make public statements about her mental health. They have decided to stop speaking to Dr. Phil, especially now that they won’t be getting any money out of it.

Brit's got nudie pics, coming to the intarweb soon!

And here’s what we’re told about the “semi-nude” photos: there are shots of Britney wearing just a t-shirt — we guess it’s the night she was with him on the balcony, sharing the lollipop and she was wearing a t-shirt with no pants and a jacket.

There you have it folks... all you need to know about the bi-polar talentless ex-pop star who needs electric shock therapy and most of the drugs in stock at a pharmacy.


Brit's flat tire made her boob almost pop out... it's Science!

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