britney spears sneak peek for new video womanizer

Britney's Back!

Yes people, that's real time Britney Spears, as in taken just recently for her new video Womanizer. She looks like the old Britney, sadly her singing is the same but we here at CelebLite headquarters are baffled that Cheetos lovin' Frappuccino guzzling Britney looks this fantastic, ya'll.

Good for you Brit Brit, it's about damn time you are making positive headlines before 2008 ran up. Just don't mess it up by hooking up with a back up dancer or date a media junky paparazzi or eat yourself into Jabba the Hut or flash your punani, cesarean scar, nipple or unshaven ass and please do not get pregnant again. A third time is not a charm. If you follow these simple instructions, you're be fine!

Britney rehearsing for one of her songs rumored to be for her Womanizer video bla bla.

We love to hate you Brit!

Author: christin Posted: 10/7/2008
Tags: Britney Spears