britney spears will be at the vma 2008 has promos

Round TWO, another chance at the VMA's

This is Britney Spears round two to make her VMA come back er, what am I saying? The VMA's suck and just like last year and the year before that, I will be watching Intervention instead. Maybe even start a book club just to spite you MTV. Take that! 

Brit Brit and british funny guy with the hair and new host of the upcoming VMA's, Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) cut two promos trying really hard to be funny. Just makes you think, damn, Britney can NOT act. At all. It's sad really.

Why is Britney even cutting promos with that guy? Is she going to perform, again? Haven't we tax paying Americans been tortured enough this year? High gas prices, massive crude oil spill and an uncomfortable act by Brit flopping around on a stage doing the jiggle belly roll? Man, give us a break and actually entertain us.

I love elephants.

Author: christin Posted: 8/12/2008
Tags: Britney Spears  Funny videos  MTV Music Awards  Russell Brand