britney spears will not perform at the 2008 vmas

No VMA's for Britney

Britney Spears will not perform at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. Her manager Larry Rudolph confirms she won't set foot on that stage, us people around the globe are extremely thankful we are now able to hold back our vomit for perhaps if Heidi Montag sings or many others who suck.

Larry released a statement saying: "Contrary to media reports, Britney was
never slated to perform at this year’s VMAs. She's in the middle of
recording her next album, which is going amazingly well, and her focus
remains on the studio

Brit appeared in TV adverts with the show’s host Russell Brand and an elephant to promote the event just to catch peoples eye and I guess it worked. After her flop last year, hopefully it's a learning experience for Britney and MTV. I probably still won't watch it though, my time is way too prescious. Why watch TV when you can stick forks in the toaster or microwave random house hold objects? Come on, you know you want to microwave a CD.... looks so cool!


Author: christin Posted: 8/27/2008
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