britney spears will perform the 2008 mtv video music awards

Britney to perform this years VMA's? Are you serious?

Holy Crap MTV must be a group of meth heads on horse tranquilizers to have Britney Spears perform the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards again after that disaster last year with the chubby fish flopping around on stage wearing sequenced bra and panties. Idiots!

She is as nervous as hell but at the same time itching to get back in front of the same audience where she screwed up so badly last time. It is the perfect platform for her to announce to her fans and the world that the dark days are behind her and she’s back on track with her life and her career. She really wants to do this, despite the jitters.

Jitters? Lets just hope diarrhea doesn't trickle down her legs when her Cheetos and Starbucks Frap intake is too low. Man, MTV is only about ratings and drama. Is America this obsessed with washed up young pop stars with an addiction to comebacks? How many comebacks is this for Britney? Crap, now I'm going to have to smoke a bowl of sweet ganja... all because of you Britney.



100 hours more practice?! HA!

Author: christin Posted: 8/21/2008
Tags: Britney Spears  MTV Music Awards