britney spears wore her wedding dress to car dealership

Uh, ya... this is when tacky is defined by Britney Spears

Attention ho Britney Spears decided it was a brilliant idea to take her photog BFF Adnan Ghalif and her old tacky wedding dress she wore to marry Kevin Federline to a car dealership. Uh, at least she still fits in it? I just don't know what to say anymore about Brit Brit... I guess there's only so much we can say about a crazy person before you just start feeling pitty for them.

On her relationship with that guy... friend... leach? We'll go with leach.

Britney Spears’ newest constant companion, Adnan Ghalib, might be “happily dating” Spears as Ghalib’s photo agency claims, but a source close to Ghalib’s wife said that the claims that the paparazzo has been separated from his wife for more than a year are untrue.

“He was with her up until a week before he and Britney started this thing,” said the source. “And, she thinks that they’ll work things out in the end.”

BONUS! video of Britney speaking with a terrible British accent yelling at paps.

She's so pathetic... makes me want to shake her vigurously!

Author: christin Posted: 1/14/2008
Tags: Britney Spears