britneys parents testified against her in court

Britney needs a hug and maybe a kick in the face

Some new story has leaked from the Britney Spears and K-Fed custody battle royal that her parents testified against her in court and acknowledge she's got mad issues.

“Britney’s mom Lynne said Britney wants to be a good mom, but she doesn’t have the tools to do so,”  Britney broke down in sobs as her mom’s sworn statement was read aloud to the court. And Britney’s historically rocky relationship with pop Jamie Spears was further tested when the stage dad testified that he has “a sick daughter who needs to get help before she can be a good mother.”

“Kevin testifed that during her pregnancy Britney drank and smoked cigarettes.” The ex also added that she had difficulty giving up her addiction to cocaine. “He claimed Britney never bonded with the boys. She’d sleep all day and wouldn’t even get up to nurse Sean. Kevin testified that he feels Britney is incapable of being a good parent due to a drug and alcohol problem.”

Britney needs a long hard month of detox and boot camp! Like on talk shows when parents can't handle their crappy kids, they send them off to some crazy boot camp in the woods of Nebraska with the clothes on their backs and a hammer. OR duck tape her to the next shuttle to Mars. I choose Mars.


Here's a mule dressed up as Britney Spears dressed up as a pink cat-like zebra ho

Author: christin Posted: 11/5/2007
Tags: Britney Spears