britneys romp with that married photog

"Let's just talk"

That’s the last thing any man wants to hear from a chick in a Hotel room sitting on a bed. Blue balls anyone? Remember that photog Britney Spears brought back to her Hotel on that crazy weekend of partying? Well, the pap, Adnan Ghalib (who is married BTW) is claiming his 15 minutes of fame to talk about what happened that late night to none other that 20/20 this week.

“I think, God’s honest truth, I think she’s a great person. I really do. She’s young. ... She’s never made the best choices in friends, even her relationships. It’s unfortunate that she is the way she is because of the people she surrounds herself with. She’s easily influenced, and that’s where her bad choices come from.”

“We’d been out driving for about six hours and I just stuck with her the whole time. She had paid for some cigarettes, went back in, picked up a lighter and said ‘I stole a lighter,’ and just walked out. And it was like — I couldn’t believe it.” “Ball park, that 40-second clip could run about $40,000, Not bad.”

“I mean, if we’re not there, who’s going to pump her gas? Just yesterday she asked me to escort her home. Maybe the only friends she’s going to have that treat her with the respect that she deserves are going to be the photographers that work her 24 hours a day. It’s going to have to be us...I think we are her friends now. Until she tells us to go away.”

Um, am I the only one who can sense this guys retarded and possibly a fake? Cough:: publicity stunt::cough

This guys was hired and/or for a hand job

Author: christin Posted: 1/2/2008
Tags: Britney Spears