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Celebrity Halloween costumes that suck part 2

Round two for celebrities dressing up for Halloween that suck balls, but we do have a winner today. Since celebs try to hard to be sexy or cute, We've got Neil Patrick Harris who dressed up as a scary demented clown! Thank you Neil, we here at Celeblite love you and if you weren't a gay man, we'd through you some vag.

Adrian Curry as the main villian in Clockwork Orange is cool but slightly cheesey because she has tits, Amy Winehouse dressed up as a crackhead, Ashley Olsen is just dumb for dating old man Lance Armstrong and he's a freakin' pedofile, Britney Spears needs leave Earth, Porn Star Mary Carey dressed up as a Porn Star, and finally Neil Patrick Harris is fucking cool!

Enjoy Halloween folks, get wasted on poisoned candy and caveties!


With all the millions most of these celebs make, why couldn't they go online a buy themselves a cool costume? I hate you fuckers!

Author: christin Posted: 10/31/2007
Tags: Adrianna Curry  Ashley Olsen  Britney Spears  Lance Armstong  Mary Carey  Neil Patrick Harris