courtney love quits the music scene gets into high fashion

Good Riddance

Courtney Love has declared that she's done making music. She quit! I'm not done yet folks, instead of spewing crap on an album...wait for it.... she's nose diving into the fashion scene. Holy hell can't she just bury herself or something?

"I'm done with the show, and I want to die".
The queen of punk tells us about her new album, raising a teenage daughter, and the reason she wants to leave music behind.

Can you pick die? Is it wrong for me to say that? Nah, she's hasn't released a good album since, well the 90's and she's kinda a waste to society. Right? I mean, she's a fame whore now and that's just annoying.

Here's an interview with Nylon TV about the garble she garbles.

Court-fame whore and her chain smoking whiskey vioce says stuff.

Author: christin Posted: 8/7/2008
Tags: Courtney Love