david letterman whines about john mccain cancelling apearance

David Letterman is a whiney bitch

David Lettterman whines on his show for about 10 minutes because John McCain canceled his appearance last minute so his campaign can focus on the economic issues being discussed on Capitol Hill.

McCain who was scheduled to be on The Late Show called Letterman personally just a few hours before showtime but he didn't exactly rush to the airport with the econimy crisis in mind. Letterman begins the segment by kissing McCains ass because he's a POW, makes fun of Sarah Palin for being so "fine" and then goes back to making fun of McCain. ::yawn::

David Letterman is an idiot, his bits are far from funny but he continues to cry about McCain "dissing" him because, here's the kicker, he chose to appear live to talk to Katie Couric instead. OH ZING! - that part was indeed funny.

Next stop, the Rachel Ray show.

Author: christin Posted: 9/25/2008
Tags: David Letterman  Funny videos  John McCain  politics