even rachel wood talks about her split with marilyn manson

As Whitney Houston once said, I will always love Manson

Evan Rachel Wood recently split from Marilyn Manson opened up about their break up to clear some "completely false stories" that as been circulating the gossip tabs.

“Manson and I both decided to take some time apart so we could concentrate on work. Someone used that opportunity to kick us while we were down and sell a completely false story," Wood told People.

According to the rumors, Wood’s brother had been living with Wood and Manson, 39. He was reportedly kicked out of the guest house, resulting in a bitter fight between the couple.

“Manson owns the house he lives in,” Wood said. “My brother has never stayed there and the person that said such horrible things about Manson being ‘controlling’ and ‘emotionally abusive’ is certainly no source ‘close’ to me .... I love him as a person and as an artist.”

She calls him Manson? Weird. Anyway, there has also been rumored a romantic link between Evan and her co-star Mickey Rourke since working together on The Wrestler film which sparked up after the her break up with Manson.

“Spread the word - I’m not dating Mickey Rourke,” Wood told People . “Everyone thinks we’re dating and we’re not.’

However, Rachel added that she and the “Sin City” star bonded while shooting “The Wrestler.”

“We became friends, but nothing more,” she said. “I guess, because of my recent breakup, I will be linked to many people . . . any rumor should not be taken seriously.”

Rourke also denied the romance.

“No, no, I’m a big fan of hers and she’s a big fan of mine,” he said.

So there, all those rumors should be laid to rest in a bed of lies. In other news, what the hell did she do to her face? Those eyebrows are insane.

I still can't belive she calls her boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) "Manson", that's his stage name not his actual birth name. I always wondered what his girlfirends call him, I guess Brian would be quite homo for him now. You can't go by Marilyn Manson on stage and then to Brian at home. Downgrade!

Evan Rachel Wood needs to look like a 20 year old, not a tranny

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Author: christin Posted: 11/11/2008
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