flashback 80s cartoon danger mouse

Flashback: Forgotten 80's Cartoon Danger Mouse

You are probably thinking, "Holy Crap I completely forgot my love for Danger Mouse exciting weekend episodes as he fights crime and always manages to avoid a terrorist bombing". Nothing more 1981 than an educated super hero mouse who wears an eye patch with an outrageous British accent. Oh and his mole rodent side-kick. I mean why would this cartoon ever get cancelled?

This is Europe’s attempt to recreate Americas Speed Racer with the hot flashy futuristic race car but instead a boy, monkey or cute high pitched girl, it’s a crime fighting mouse and other animals. Old man Colonel K speaking in a gibberish British accent gives heroic Danger Mouse and his side-kick Penfold orders to defeat crime against Baron Silas Greenback’s sleazy attacks. Stiletto the pyromaniac henchman black bird who has a sensational craving to blow shit up could be mistaken as al-Qaida now-a-days with his suicide missions to murder our beloved world.

You can thank the UK for this childhood memory.

Close Encounters of the Absurd kind.

Author: christin Posted: 9/14/2008
Tags: Funny videos  Sunday Flashback