flashback to 1984 ghostbusters movie

Flashback: Ghostbusters and my undying love for Bill Murray

You've seen it, I've seen it, hell even Grandma Lupa with the wonky eye has seen it and loved every second of this film. A time when comedy and cheesy plot lines concurred the big screen and in 1984 a hit comedy/sci fi movie we all know and love, Ghostbusters made us laugh for years to come. 

I chose to update about this cult classic for two reasons, hell I love Bill Murray for his sarcastic jerk persona with a potty mouth and to the sad part, Columbia Pictures is gearing up to start shooting Ghostbusters part 3. Sad, but you have to admit, you saw this shit coming. Hollywood has fallen out of originality and are tip toeing into all the classic movies and raping them without lube. Some will succeed (Batman) but sadly most will be left lying on the floor crying with a sore ass.

After helping to keep the dream alive for the past two decades, Aykroyd told a radio station last year that the idea of another Ghostbusters sequel was still alive and kicking. But...

"It will not happen as a live-action [movie], ’cause Billy [Murray] will not come on, in the live-action stage anymore for it," the veteran character actor said. "But he will voice his part, and we are looking to do it as a CGI animated project."

For those of you love watching the original untainted movie on TNT when you are supposed to be at work, here's a fun drinking game you can try with your unemployed stoner friends.

"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together mass hysteria!" I love you Bill

Author: christin Posted: 9/7/2008
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