george takei married long term partner brad altman

Mr Sulu is officially married

George Takei took the pludge into marriage Sunday evening to his long time partner of 21 years, Brad Altman. They wore matching bow tie tuxedos and were pronounce "lifelong partners" infront of about 200 friends and family including Star Trek co-stars, Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura) and Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov).

Nichols said: "I was fighting back tears but they came oozing out anyway. I'm so happy that they're both able to legally proclaim their commitment to one another after spending the past 21 years together."

Takei said before the ceremony: "We have a relationship that's been stronger and longer lived than some of our straight friends, and yet we were not equal. What this does is give us that dignity."

Taking Altman's hands in his, the actor said: "I vow to care for you as you've cared for me... and to love you as my husband and the only man in my life."

Afterwards, the happy couple posed for photographs and Takei flashed the Star Trek "live long and prosper" hand signal.

 It's funny how people of the opposite sex take marriage for granted when there's so many people of the same sex that have dreamed of legally binding their love. Now they can.... be in a nagging, financially straining relationship like the rest of us.

Until they add children to the mix, that's an entirely new spectrum emotional drain. You see, it's not marriage that destroys your sex life, it's children. Sneaky little bastards are crawling into your bed before you have time to say "Wanna Fu-".

Goddamn bagpipes

Author: christin Posted: 9/15/2008
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