hayden panettiere debuts single named wake up call

This trend blows

Hayden Panettiere is the newest celebrity to jump on the music album trend and has released her debut single "Wake up Call" on the Ryan Seacrest KIIS FM radio show. As expected, it blows. There hasn't been a single celebrity that has a smidgen of talent... or to come out with a different genre rather than just another crappy pop song. I love you Hayden but don't release a second album.

"They're a little bit eclectic," Panettiere, 18, said. The actress described the experience of hearing her music on the radio as "scary" and "terrifying," but told the talk show host that she's put a lot of effort into the songs on her debut disc. In fact, the project has been four years in the making.

"[The music] changed so much over the years," she says, "just because my life experiences and who I am as a person is obviously reflected in the music."

Eclectic? It sounds like something Paris Hilton would produce. Actually it sounds very much like her single "Stars Are Blind"... doesn't it. Wow, that's sade. Very sad.

Hayden's new video for her single "Wake Up Call"

Author: christin Posted: 7/16/2008
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