heath ledger found dead today of possibly overdose

Heath Ledger is dead

Heath Ledger was found dead earlier today naked and unconcious is his apartment of a possible drug overdose.

Police spokesman Paul Browne has confirmed Perth-born Ledger, 28, was found dead by a housekeeper at his apartment in the trendy SoHo neighbourhood.

"We are investigating the possibility of an overdose," Mr Browne said.

According to Mr Browne, the housekeeper found Ledger at 3:26pm (7:26am AEDT) and tried to wake him for his appointment to have a massage.

Lieutenant John Grimpal from the New York Police Department says drugs were found at the scene, but investigators are yet to determine how he died.

"There was some type of drugs found," he said.

"Unknown what type right now.

It's always sad to hear about talented actors losing their battle with drugs. Heath left behind his young daughter Matilda. He also starred as Joker in the next Batman flick Dark Knight that will be released later this year.

Author: christin Posted: 1/22/2008
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