hefner wants britney spears to pose for playboy

Hugh Hefner wants Britney Spears To Pose for Playboy

Hope everyone reading this is sitting down, Britney Spears might pose for playboy.

Hugh Hefner has revealed that he'd be more that happy to let Britney Spears pose for Playboy – despite reports he'd turned her down.

The 81-year-old hit back at the rumours claiming they were inaccurate - and says if Brit wants to pose in the men's mag, then all she has to do is sort out her personal life.

Hugh Hefner is getting week in his old age, Just the thought of this makes me want to puke all over myself.

Heres some pictures from before she started smoking crack again.

Author: chorn Posted: 10/19/2007
Tags: Britney Spears