jenna jameson pregnant myspace photos

Jenna Jameson is finally looking normal again, preggo pictures

If anyone had any doubt of Jenna Jameson being pregnant, these photos should clear it up for you. Jenna posted some photos of her baby bump on her MySpace page, she's 12 weeks pregnant and is finally looking like a normal human being. Now that her skin isn't orange from the tanning bed or tan in a can and is gaining much needed pregnancy weight, she looks good.

When pregnant with one child, it's expected to gain about 20-30 lbs and that's for one child. Twins you pretty much have to double that although in Angelina Jolie's case, well I have theories about her. She's a cyborg or an alien life form.

Jenna is expecting her twin babies in 2009, I'm definitely curious about the sexes of the twins but we won't know that until she's about 4-5 month into her pregnancy. I'm pretty sure she'll let the media know as soon as she finds out. I wonder if the tab magazines are going to ditch out millions for the "exclusive" baby photos as they did for many other celebs?

I stil can't believe Jenna's having a baby, let alone two

Author: christin Posted: 10/20/2008
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