jennifer aniston may be pregnant with john mayers baby

Jennifer Aniston may be preggo, John Mayer didn't pull out

I don't know about this rumor but supposedly Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer got back together from their boring relationship because she's pregnant. She was just in Cabo in a bikini, being the boring ass person she is, without a tell tell sign of a bun in the oven.

Now all the gossip sites and the crazy media is on "baby bump" watch looking for any resemblance of a growing fetus.

Sources claim that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with John Mayer’s child.

Australia’s New Weekly alleges that the pair’s recent rekindled romance began when Aniston realised she was expecting her first baby.

“The pair made their first outings as a reunited couple last week, enjoying a romantic weekend in New York and a concert in Boston,” says the magazine.

“But while friends are scratching their heads about what made Jen take the playboy musician back, the smile the actress has been wearing says it all - she’s pregnant and loving it!”

Australian news? What the f*ck do the Australians know about Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer? I'll believe it when I see proof of a baby growing inside her, for now I'm just going to call bull shit on the rumor. I'll keep you all posted on the facts people, don't you worry.

You see... soaking up the rays in a bikini, no bump

Author: christin Posted: 10/22/2008
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