jessica alba 2009 capari calendar outtakes

Jessica Alba's 2009 Campari Calendar outtakes

These new Campari outtakes from Jessica Alba's 2009 Campari calendar proves she needs little to no photoshop. Granted, she totally got photoshopped and smoothed out but take a good look at her figure, she looks amazing for a woman who just has a baby.

A bunch of sites are comparing the two side by side without take into account that no finished product is left un-retouched. Even the hottest babes on the planet get retouched. I applaud you Jessica Alba and will not talk shit. Now that we got the ass kissing out of the way, call me. 

...and yes I have ulterior motives as to why I'm being so nice. That's between me and Jess. Literally. OH SNAP!

I'm a chick but I'd swing towards the taco for Jess

Author: christin Posted: 12/9/2008
Tags: Jessica Alba