justin gaston is using miley cyrus for fame

Not so Shocking, Shocking News: Miley's Being Used!

Take a deep breath for this one, rumor has it Miley Cyrus's underwear model/country singer pedophile boyfriend is only using her for fame and fortune. GASP! He's trying to get a career out of sleeping with a 16 year old girl. Remember kids, he's 20 going on 21.

A source close to Justin revealed:

“He’s got more modeling jobs since he’s been with Miley and is telling people they’re writing songs together so her fans will get interested in his music. You start to think he’s in this for fame.”

But apparently, says the source, it’s not a one way thing: “After her photo leaks, she needed someone discreet and Billy Ray thought this was perfect for her image. They talk up how he is a good Christian like her and he won’t overshadow her like someone like Nick Jonas might.”

OH NOES! I can't stand Miley and her giant loud mouth, maybe she'll learn from this and wise up. She's such a tool. Billy Ray is whoring out his little girl and that's the beginning of the next crotch flashing, nipple slipping, 'Aw fuck it I'll just do porn' young Hollywood party girl.

Author: christin Posted: 12/17/2008
Tags: Justin Gaston  Miley Cyrus