kate moss aging poorly partes too much ugly without makeup

The face of a supermodel

Why bother hiring expensive supermodels like Kate Moss anymore, we can get a $5.00 Vietnamese crack-ho and photoshop her mug to look like a well rested beauty queen. Kate Moss, the photo on the left that is, looks like a fantasy all woman dream of having clear smooth skin and mile long eye lashes. The photo on the right is the real Kate... without all the make-up, proper lighting, photoshop magicians, she looks ordinary, acne infested, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth...  more like that vietnamese crack-ho. So what does that tell you folks? To all photographers out there in fabulous Paris and New York, save your pennies and hire a crack-ho, you may even get a hand job out of it!

The end result was airbrushed and photoshopped to unrealistic perfection.

Author: christin Posted: 2/25/2008
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