kevin federline rejected paris hilton

Oh NOES! imagine the spawn from these two

Thank the holy Jebus K-fed grew a pair of nuts and figured out his life is already filled with baby momma drama, could you just imagine Paris Hilton spawning children? NOOOOO!

Seems like Kevin Federline has had enough drama for one year. The divorced dad-of-four dissed Paris Hilton during a December 30 party at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas. The celebutante, who was hosting the pre-New Year’s Eve celebration, shimmied up to Kevin in a sequined dress and made her move — only to be rejected by the newly single stay-at-home playboy.


“Paris whispered some pretty sweet and enticing words in Kevin's ear,” a Federline family insider told “She basically asked him where he was staying and if he wanted to visit her in her own suite.” According to the source, Kevin passed, but he said, “It will not be so easy to deny her next time.”

Oh man, wait until Brit Brit reads about her former BFF Paris hitting on her ex. She’s gonna OD on cheetos and gain a third belly flap because you know chicks, when they get upset they suck up all the worlds supply of junk food.

We don't need anymore smug bastards breeding

Author: christin Posted: 12/31/2007
Tags: Kevin Federline  Paris Hilton