khloe kardashian serves only 173 minutes in jail for good behavior

173 minutes in jail... California is lame.

The uglier one of the Kardashian sisters, amazon woman Khloe Kardashian served only 173 minutes in jail for violating her probation while on a DUI charge. Rather than, her original 30-day sentence. Why? For good behavior and over crowding. California, you suck. 

Here's Khloe's Glamour shot photo...Er, I mean mug shot. 

She's not even famous, why the special treatment? I'm fed up at celebrities being treated like super humans, better than us regular folk. Are they "tipping" the head hancho at the jail? How are these people getting away with crimes? I hope California detatches itself from the rest of the United States so all the smug celebrities can fend for themselves... shit heads.

Author: christin Posted: 7/21/2008
Tags: arrested  Khloe Kardashian  Kim Kardashian