kim kardashian and reggie bush in talks for a newltweds reality show

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush:Unengaged Newlyweds?

Kim Kardashian may be hooked on Reality Shows because she wants to be the next 'Newlywed' couple like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey and she's not even engaged yet. Kim and footballer Reggie Bush have been dating for a while but it seems as if she'd forcing him by the sounds of this quote;

He’s extremely shy. He’s a very private person, and he’s really focused on football,”

I don't know about you but I didn't watch her show Keeping up with the Annoying Rich Hoes and I'm not about to watch her faux Newlyweds crap.

We get asked that all the time!" Kim told Hollywood Party Girl at the Fontainebleau Hotel's grand reopening last weekend. "We’re definitely heading in that direction, so you never know."

...just another reason to set my televisions on fire outside and roast marshmallows with my family. Screw reality shows.

Author: christin Posted: 11/19/2008
Tags: Kim Kardashian  Reality Show