kim kardashian did playboy

Kim Kardashian posed for Playboy

Eh, like if we didn't see her jiggly ass flopping around in her sex tape, Playboy seems a bit PG13. Kim Kardashian suffers from the same attention whore syndrome all the rest of the Paris, Lohan's, and Britney Spears' out there are bathing in. Originally there was a report indicating that she would only bare a breast and hot ass poses, but that wasn't the case. I guess she figured everyone including their grandma Melba has seen Ray J's penis making way into her meaty meat socket, might as well bare all.

A Playboy source tells Us that Kardashian's shoot reveals more than originally planned. Though her body is mostly draped in sheets and jewelry, the source says that Kardashian "will show one boob, and her bare butt."

Ya, to see these  photos that are obviously NSFW, click here.

Big asses are so 1999... We need to start a new trend, like potato peeling. Nothing hotter than a chick peeling potato skins. Rub teh nipples!

Author: christin Posted: 10/30/2007
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