lindsay lohan and samantha ronson are still in mexico

Lesbian Holiday continues...

Ah, young lesbian love frolicking in the water holding hands. It's like a novel straight out of Rosie O'Donnel;s shit box. I have to admit, from the waist down, this looks like a fantastic view of hot bikini babes about to get it on like a soft core porn.... in your head. Sadly, Sam screws it all up.

How long is this Mexico vacation going to last? Doesn't Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have jobs? Wait, does shopping on the Hollwood strip all day and clubbing at all the hot spots at night considered a job? No, damn bums. Hot rich bums. Not Sam, she's like that skinny pale hunch back cousin of yours you avoid.

How many bikini's do these chicks seriously own. I see a new bikini everyday. That's not normal.

This lesbian vacation sucks, I expected more from these two.

Author: christin Posted: 10/2/2008
Tags: Lindsay Lohan  Samantha Ronson