lindsay lohan got cheated on and banned from hotel

Lindsay's back to being Lindsay

Do you miss reading about our favorite ho-bag Lindsay Lohan? Well here is what this skank has been up too these days. Newly single Lindsay got cheated on by that guy who followed her everywhere, Riley Giles, who she met in rehab. Infact, she caught him boning some chick in the bushes at a party. Nothing like shrubbery in the cooch. Grade A choice to screw a person who was all up in Lohans uterus for two months. Oh and she fell way off the wagon. That's right Lindsay is now officially back on booze and drugs.

“Turns out this guy Riley, who must be an idiot, had taken some girl from the party into the woods and had sex with her,” explains the friend. “Who has sex in the outdoors in the freezing cold during a house party? And with his girlfriend inside?

“When Lindsay found out, she went ballistic. Everyone at the party watched her yell at Riley. She was crying and sobbing. It was a major scene.”

about the wagon: “Almost as soon as she landed [in NY on November 18], she called up all her old friends and asked if they had any Xanax and blow [cocaine],” says her pal. “She really hounded them and begged!...

“Everyone I know said know, but she kept asking. She wanted them to come to her, but then she said she’d come to them. No one would do it....

“Finally, she met up with a drug deal named Chris,” says the source. “He’s well known in New York, and they spent some time together. Nothing good comes out of hanging with Chris.”

Another source confirms that Lindsay and Chris spent several hours “behind closed doors” together. “She was with Chris, yeah,” says the insider. “She’s known him for a while.”

She also got banned from Shutters on the Beach Hotel in Santa Monica after spending three days there with ex-boyfriend Riley Giles. Apperantly those two knuckle heads left the room a complete mess. They emptied out the mini-bar of course, left dirty towels and cigarettes on the floor and even left a bloody tampon syringe on the table.

“Staffers went into clean and were shocked,” says the source. “It was a pigpen. There was filth everywhere and the room stank of cigarette smoke.

“There was also a bloody syringe that someone left lying on the bedside table on a room service tray. Hotel security photographed it before calling someone to remove it because it was considered hazardous waste.”

Who do they think they are? KISS?! Only rock stars are cool enough to trash their Hotel rooms... not lame-o's like Lindsay and her boy toy. Tards!


We need a neutralized atomic bomb to hit this twats bar, I'd say home but she'd never there.

Author: christin Posted: 12/11/2007
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