lindsay lohan is gay and living with girlfriend

Oh gee I wonder which two chicks are making out?!?! hmm...

There's only one dumb ass in Hollywood who wears that damn hat to every event and possibly in the shower, Samantha Ronson. Sam and her lipstick tart Lindsay Lohan were spotted "canoodling" and making out nasty in Cannes, France for the world to see there lesbian lust. There's nothing wrong with being gay but the tabloids' head are spinning over this nonsense. Isn't this old news? Rumor has it Lindsay (parasite) Lohan has been offered some big bucks for an exclusive "coming out" story but I can bet half my "happy" brownie that shit isn’t going to happen. 

Oh... Happy Memorial Day. I never have a day off. I'm hardcore you beach lovin' hippies with your Corona and lime. Lucky bastards.What's next for these two? Sex Tape?

Author: christin Posted: 5/26/2008
Tags: Lindsay Lohan  Samantha Ronson