lindsay lohan spent new years with three men

Lohan's enjoying the single life

Lindsay Lohan celebrated the New Years weekend getting banged by three (possibly hairy) Italian dudes on the island of Capri, which just off the coast of Italy. Well three guys that we know of... Lohan replaced her drug and booze addiction with penis. Lots o’ penis!

Wild child LINDSAY LOHAN snogs a trio of hunks - in just 24 hours at the start of her holiday.
The Mean Girls actress, 21, was first snapped smooching with waiter ALESSANDRO DI NUNZIO shortly after arriving in the Italian island of Capri for a film festival.
But just a few hours later she was locking lips with a new Italian stallion - handsome actor EDUARDO COSTA.
Lusty Lindsay then rounded off her naughty weekend by kissing another local thespian - long-haired actor DARIO FAIELLA.
One onlooker said: "Lindsay certainly likes her men and judging by her efforts over the weekend, they love her too.   She wasn't content to share a snog with just one fella - it seemed like she wanted them all. She certainly set tongues wagging."

Well there’s nothing wrong with women enjoying sex, infact isn’t that what you guys want? Unfortunately sex crazed chicks are frowned upon and labeled a whore. How many guys do you know who scope out the clubs/bars to get laid by different chicks every weekend? I have to admit, I love sex and if I wasn’t married (to a wonderful man I might add), I’d lke to taste what the world has to offer. Especially if I was a hot young celeb like Lohan, dude, nothing could hold me back from banging as many hot Italian or famous cocks in Holyywood.

Lindsay's thought process: penis penis penis penis penis

Author: christin Posted: 1/2/2008
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