lynne spears promotes book on the today show

Hide your kids, Lynne Spears is on TV

Our favorite Pop star Mom, Lynne Spears went on the Today Show to promote her new book about selling out her daughters by revealing their personal past. Good job Mom.

“It [a note Jamie Lynn wrote and told her to read in the bedroom] said she was pregnant and everything was going to be OK. She was going to raise it ... I thought it was a joke. I was waiting for the punch line,” Lynne told Vieira.

“I was in shock. I think I was just truly in shock, and then I started to cry. And she started consoling me at that point.”

A note? Are you serious? Wow, good thinking Jamie Lynn, very mature indeed. It's like texting your ex-boyfriend that one time under the bleachers during gym class got you pregnant. Oh it did? Damn, sucks for you.

Through the Storm of a crazy wacked out mother

Author: christin Posted: 9/17/2008
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