mtv movie awards picture gallery and moments

In case you were busy feeding the llamas...

The 2008 MTV Music Awards show went on last night and if you were too busy recording America's Funniest Home Videos instead of TiVOing the award show, I've got a huge picture gallery post in store just for you fine folks. The MTV Award Shows have gotten really soft, unoriginal and quite frankly... flippin’ boring. I usually have no interest in planting myself in front of the tube rolling my eyes half way to Rio because ALL the Hollywood slugs and performers suck. These generations of stars aren’t worth my precious time. While I was busy not watching MTV, just as I suspected nothing out-of-the-MTV-safety- box happened. All the sluts were geared up in their slut outfits, all the "funny" guys sported hobo shirts and sneakers, someone made out with someone, Jack Black was hopped up on speed, and Lindsay Lohan had an up skirt. I can tell you the one moment that was worth your time ladies, when Johnny Depp strutted across the stage to accept the awards for best villain in Sweeney Todd and best comedic performance for Pirates of The Caribbean” At Worlds End.  That concludes my rant on MTV's sucktatude. The End.

Behold the ultimate MTV Awards picture post!

Author: christin Posted: 6/2/2008
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